MTG – Municipalities in collaboration for water and sewage in Mariestad, Töreboda, Gullspång.

The municipalities use systems from Aqua Robur Technologies in their wastewater networks for sewer monitoring overflow locations and inflow water detection.

The three municipalities needed a comprehensive system for monitoring the sewage water network, primarily focusing on overflow points without access to power and data connections. With the assistance of a system comprising 20 battery-powered Fenix Hub sensor nodes from Aqua Robur Technologies AB, equipped with ultrasonic level sensors that transmit measurement data to the web-based IoT Portal, MTG now has a system that monitors overflow points in the three municipalities. The system is also used for level measurements in stormwater, which are compared with the water level in Lake Vänern.

The sensor nodes from Aqua Robur Technologies measure and log levels in wastewater channels, transmitting measurement data regularly using the powerful NB-IoT technology. Both measurement and transmission intervals, as well as other measurement and sensor-specific parameters, are configurable through Aqua Robur’s web-based IoT Portal. This allows for great flexibility in the use of sensor nodes, a key principle in all product and service development at Aqua Robur Technologies.

 – Going from manual readings of Hydromax devices (weight and float readings once a month where you can neither see when nor how much overflow occurred) to having online sensors with alarm functionality and quantity calculation provides control and saves time,” says Fredrik Wallin, DUF engineer at MTG.

Together with MTG, Aqua Robur Technologies continuously collaborates on developing and refining measurements in an ongoing process, where the innovation of the Fenix Hub sensor node and features in the IoT Portal contribute to the improvement and streamlining of MTG’s daily operations. From monitoring and alarm functions to reporting overflows to the County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland.

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