Effortless Water Monitoring

We streamline the management of your water infrastructure. Our comprehensive solutions make it easy to detect drinking water leaks, investigate inflow and infiltration, and monitor overflow locations. Our user-friendly hardware and software are designed to operate seamlessly in all parts of the water network, even in areas without electricity or fiber connection.

We are here for you throughout the entire process, from installation to continuous operations. Always ready to assist with any questions or support you may need.

Take Control of Your Water Network

Our innovative solutions help you make well-informed decisions by solving small concerns before they become significant problems.

Pressure and Flow Monitoring

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Sewer Overflow Monitoring

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Inflow and Infiltration Water Investigation

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Groundwater Monitoring

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Chamber Monitoring

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After evaluating various options, we found that many solutions were too difficult to install. When Aqua Robur presented their solution, it was obvious to us that it was the way forward. It's such a simple yet robust solution. Spot-on.

Ali Luay, Engineer, Botkyrka kommun

Using the Fenix ​​Hub system, we cover all of our key application areas, including flow measurement, level monitoring, sewer overflow monitoring and more. This solution strengthens our ability to effectively manage our water resources and facilitates work towards a sustainable water supply in the future.

Emil Martinsson, Director Water & Wastewater, Säffle-Åmål

In the past, estimating the extent of an overflow was our challenge. Today, with precise data from the IoT Portal, we have detailed information on the volume of water that overflows. We are now equipped to know exactly when incidents occur and their duration.

Jonas Forsberg, Automation Maintenance Technician, Härryda Vatten och Avfall

By comparing rainfall measurements with the inflow at the facility, we can more easily detect leaks and assess our capacity. Additionally, having a reliable local measurement of rainfall is very valuable as it eliminates the need to rely on various weather sites. We plan to acquire more meters to cover our geographically dispersed area, which would be highly beneficial for investigative purposes, especially if we can integrate data into a superior system.

Olof Johansson, Operations Manager, Heby kommun

Service and Support

From initial installation to day-to-day operations, our dedicated team is committed to assisting you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out at any time – we're here to help and ready to answer your questions.

Maximise Sensor Data with IoT Portal

Accessing our IoT Portal opens up a world of possibilities. Effortlessly visualise sensor data with clear graphs, remotely manage devices, export data, integrate with other systems through APIs, receive alerts based on configured thresholds, and enjoy reliable operational monitoring – all conveniently accessible via your web browser.


Streamlined and Secure Data Management

The innovative Fenix Hub solution ensures secure access to real-time data from the water network. Tailored for streamlined data management and energy balance, our sensor nodes collect information that provides invaluable insights into the network's performance and the condition of the pipes.

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