Visualisation & Analysis

Understanding and managing your water network has never been easier.

Use our IoT Portal for a comprehensive view, providing reliable operational monitoring accessible through any web browser. Effortlessly gather, visualise, and analyse sensor data through clear graphs, enabling you to track trends over time with ease.

Monitor all your devices through a unified control panel, providing a comprehensive overview in both map and list views. Centralised management optimises control, minimises operational challenges, and enhances overall efficiency in your pipeline system operations.

Configurable alarm features guarantee that you stay informed about critical events, and you and your team can opt to receive notifications through email or SMS.


Versatile and user-friendly visualisation

Device Management

Organise devices remotely


Minimise operational challenges

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Precipitation Gauge

Precipitation gauges can be a valuable addition for improved decision-making and management of the water and sewage system


Export and Integration

Export data to other systems or for reporting to authorities


Temperature Probe

Large temperature range with high accuracy

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