Pressure & Flow Monitoring

By monitoring pressure and flow, you can promptly identify and address any deviations or issues within the system. This proactive approach allows for the prevention of leaks, optimisation of resource utilisation, and ensures that water reaches consumers with the appropriate pressure and volume. Precise measurement of pressure and flow is essential for maintaining a sustainable and reliable drinking water supply.

How it works


Sensors and turbines are installed in the drinking water pipeline system. With our T2 turbine, installation can be carried out without any operational disruptions.

Power Generation through the Turbine

Our turbines harness energy from the water flow, negating the need for external power sources. The T2 turbine is further equipped with integrated sensors for measurements of pressure, flow, and temperature.

Data Collection

The sensors consistently gather data on the network's status.

Data Transfer

The collected data is securely transmitted to the cloud, facilitating real-time monitoring and providing remote access to the information. NB-IoT/LTE-M eliminates the requirement for a fiber connection.

The value we bring to you

Visualisation & analysis

Collected data is visualised and can be analysed to monitor and ensure that pressure and flow are within acceptable limits.

Actions and intervention

Utilising the gathered and analysed data, swift actions can be taken when necessary.

Improvement and follow-up

Through continuous monitoring of pressure and flow, you can pinpoint patterns and areas demanding attention. This aids in enhancing performance and mitigating losses in the drinking water pipelines.

Products for monitoring Pressure and Flow

We offer comprehensive solutions for pressure and flow monitoring, featuring a diverse range of products.

Visualisation & Analysis

Visualise sensor data and manage devices remotely

Sensor Nodes

Fenix Hub 200

Powerful IoT device with multiple sensor inputs and intelligent charging

Energy Supply


Harvest energy from the water flow

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