Energy Supply


Using the T1 turbine allows for energy extraction from the water pipe flow with minimal pressure loss. This flexibility enables the strategic placement of flow meters, pressure sensors and other devices where they are most needed, independent of electricity or the requirement for battery replacement in remote locations. Additionally, it facilitates the establishment of optimal zone delineation areas (DMA) for quicker detection and quantification of leaks.

An innovative and cost-effective approach to monitor extensive drinking water networks, efficiently identifying and addressing potential issues.

Minimal Pressure Loss

0-0,13 bar

Proprietary Innovation

Energy Harvester

Power Generating

Software & Electrical

Power Output
0-5 W Intelligent adaptive charge algorithm
Flow Indication
Yes, Pulse


Operating Interval, Water Velocity
0,2-2,0 m/s N.B. Can vary for specific pipe dimensions
Pressure Rating
Operating Water Temperature
Up to +25°C
Electroplated stainless steel, POM, ceramic bearings
Pressure Drop
0,0-0,13 bar
Pipe Dimension
7 kgs

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Precipitation Gauge

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Export data to other systems or for reporting to authorities


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Visualise sensor data and manage devices remotely

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