Sewer Overflow Monitoring

The release of untreated water into the environment during intense rainfall or overload presents a critical issue with potential adverse environmental impacts. The increasing frequency of heavy rainfalls and the unpredictability of such events contribute to a rise in sewer overflows, resulting in significant costs, a loss of public trust, and potential penalties for non-compliance with reporting requirements to authorities.

Incorporating an efficient monitoring solution allows you to proactively manage these challenges with precision and ease.

How it works


Sensors and sensor nodes are strategically positioned at overflow points within the network, as well as near treatment plants and pumping stations. The installation process is straightforward, can be done from above ground, and doesn't necessitate access to a fixed power supply.

Data Collection

The sensors continuously gather data on the status of the network and potential overflows.

Data Transfer

The collected data is securely transmitted to the cloud, facilitating real-time monitoring and providing remote access to the information. NB-IoT/LTE-M eliminates the requirement for a fiber connection.

The value we bring you

Visualisation & Analysis

The collected data is analysed to identify deviations that may indicate overflow. The data is displayed in the IoT Portal's dashboards to provide a comprehensive overview of the network.

Alarm at threshold levels

If the water level exceeds the set threshold values, the system generates an alarm. Users receive notifications via email or SMS, enabling real-time intervention. Additionally, we offer a meticulously estimated overflow volume that can be reported in compliance with legal regulations.


All data is stored. The information can be used to meet environmental requirements and report incidents to authorities.

Products for Overflow Monitoring

We offer comprehensive solutions for monitoring sewer overflow, featuring a diverse range of products.

Export and Integration

Export data to other systems or for reporting to authorities


Radar Level Sensor

The latest radar technology for millimeter-accurate level measurements

Sensor Nodes

Fenix Hub Compact

Quickly get started with your measurements with slim Fenix ​​Hub Compact

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