United Utilities Innovation Lab

Just before Christmas, we were at United Utilities in the UK, installing our Energy Harvester T2 in their testing environment as part of the Innovation Lab. With a seamless installation into the water pipes, the T2 harnesses water flow to generate energy, powering sensors that monitor the water network. On-site testing will continue until February, […]

Länsförsäkringar ny investerare i Aqua Robur Technologies

We are pleased to welcome Länsförsäkringar as a new investor in Aqua Robur Technologies. We have had the privilege of talking with Linnea Höglund, Head of Asset Management at Länsförsäkringar, to hear their thoughts and visions about our future together. What attracted you to invest in us? – We are impressed by Aqua Robur’s business […]

Aqua Robur Technologies utser Malthe Winje Automasjon som samarbetspartner i Norge

The new collaboration aims to enhance water and sewage monitoring in Norway. Norway has established high environmental standards and places strong emphasis on water quality, meaning that the water and sewage system must meet strict requirements for sustainability and performance. The country faces similar challenges to Sweden regarding water leakage and the need to modernize […]

Chalmers Ventures-bolaget Aqua Robur Technologies tillförs 16 miljoner kronor

Aqua Robur has conducted a new share issue of SEK 16 million. The proceeds from the share issue will be used to finance Aqua Robur’s international growth initiative. The share issue is guaranteed by Chalmers Ventures together with Länsförsäkringar Göteborg & Bohuslän, GAEU Ventures, Almi Invest, and Latour Future Solutions.   This share issue marks Aqua […]


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