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Water Distribution

Managing a water distribution network brings many challenges. Water leakage is one of them and is associated with tremendous costs, not only for utilities in every activity from planning to operations but also society as a whole. Leakages and the costs associated with them are prone to increase over time as networks expand while renewal rates for the water network is far below than what is needed to maintain the current standard.


The Problem

By not actively monitoring your water network you are not only wasting the most precious resource. There are high direct costs for water utilities:

But also indirect costs:

How we solve it

A modern measurement strategy for a water distribution network requires you to collect real-time data from all parts of the network, not only where you already have access to electricity and fiber optics. With the Fenix Hub this is no longer a problem, you can simply pick the most strategic locations to measure at and add a measurement node as the Fenix Hub powers all the locally connected sensors. This allows you to acquire a higher sensor density, to a much lower investment cost compared to using grid connection for power.

Multiple Fenix Hub versions are applicable in this application, 150, 200 and 250. Combine the Fenix Hub 200 with the D100 energy harvesting device and you get a flexible wireless system which doesn’t require electricity or fiber cables.

The system utilize the future-proof communication technologies Narrow-Band IoT, LTE-M and LoRa-WAN which enables wireless communication from the inside of manholes, without any adaptation to the manhole cover.

Power the IoT with water flow

The D100 turbine harvests the energy from the water flow in the pipelines and means that you can collect data from any part of the water network. Embedding energy harvesting to you IoT solutions gives you superior performance in terms of data collection and connected sensors. 

Plug & Play-monitoring with online pressure sensors

Monitoring your drinking water network has never been easier. With the new mobile pressure monitoring system from Aqua Robur, you can continuously monitor pressure changes in the pipeline network and receive pressure readings directly at Aqua Robur’s IoT Portal, your SCADA-system and/or your asset management platform.

Make use of available access points for a Plug & Play-installation. With a quick and flexible installation you can also move it around to the locations where you need it. This enables you to:

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