Increasing regulations around sewer overflow and extreme weather pushes the need of remote monitoring of sewer networks. By monitor your wastewater and stormwater networks with Aqua Robur’s Plug & Play solutions you can reduce your problems related to overflow, infiltration and inflow.

The Problem

For many utilities, up to two thirds of the treated wastewater is infiltration water or inflow from combined sewers. This significantly increases operating costs but also capital expenditures as unnecessary investments in new treatment capacity has to be added. Another problem besides treating too much wastewater is that large quantities of sand and other particles can enter the pipes. This wears them down, decades before their service-life is expected to end.

Further, large quantities of untreated wastewater is released into the nature, where utilities are often unaware of the extent of the problem and where to focus their resources to reduce the problem.

How we solve it

By accurately measuring the water level with the touchless LS-7389 level sensor, water managers to get the full picture of the behavior of their wastewater network and the problems of overflow, infiltration and inflows. 

The Fenix Hub gives automated calculations of volume flows in the wastewater- or stormwater networks.

The best part; the system is Plug & Play with minimum effort for installation. No need for electricity or complex antenna solutions outside of the well.


Contactless and waterproof

The LS-7389 ultrasonic level sensor ensures trouble-free maintenance as it is not in contact with the water. The components for the sensor and sensor hub are IP67 classified. The bracket is electro galvanized, stainless steel as optional.

Energy efficient

The battery-lifespan is dependent on the sensor and radio intervals. In a typical configuration for CSO or volume estimates the battery will last around 2 years. When deploying sleep mode, this can be extended to more than 5 years. Batteries are easily replaced in a couple of minutes.

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Get notified when you need to take action. Decide when the system should send alarms. For example the system can send alarms when a threshold level is reached or when when a CSO-overflow is about to take place. 

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Are you ready to take your system to the next level?

Want to hear more about how Aqua Robur can help you and improve your systems? Interested in booking a free demo, where we explore your current situation and map your specific potential gains?

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