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Other Applications

Thanks to the flexibility of the Fenix Hub system it can be used in a multitude of applications where monitoring is needed and serve as an enabler within the smart city and industrial domains. For example, the Plug & Play-monitoring system can be used in district heating and cooling networks as well as industrial processes or smart city applications such as monitoring air-quality or the weather.

The Problem

Solutions used for monitoring district heating and cooling networks often require fixed electricity and extensive adaptation to enable wireless communication. This can make monitoring and surveillance of these networks expensive as these systems may require complicated installations. Another problem is that these environments can be humid which can cause the systems to malfunction. 

Monitoring of remote industrial assets face similar problems and monitoring of these valuable assets has previously been expensive and complicated. The same goes for air-quality and weather monitoring applications, where companies and municipalities have invested in expensive solutions that rely on fixed electricity or old protocols for wireless communication.

How we solve it

No electricity? No network connection? No problem!

With a Plug & Play-installation you can connect the sensor of your choice, anywhere you like and monitor the data in the surveillance system of your choice.

Independent on your need, Aqua Robur’s Fenix Hub solves the tricky issue of providing a reliable and durable communication solution that works even in remote areas or underground.

Aqua Robur’s technology work excellent with parameters such as measuring water levels or precipitation etc.

The Fenix Hub is compatible with most SCADA-systems or modern GIS-tools. 

Energy efficient

The Fenix Hub can be powered in a multitude of ways. Our battery-powered Fenix Hub 150 offers years of use without changing batteries.

Flexible placement

By using Narrow-Band IoT even the most remote locations can now be monitored.

The strong signal also enables the system to be placed beneath cast-iron lids under ground.

Made for tough conditions

The Fenix Hub is made with components that are IP67 or IP68 rated, which enables placement in tough environments. Brackets of stainless steel are also available. 

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