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Groundwater is a key natural resource that billions rely on for their fresh water supply.
As climate change affects our water resources it gets increasingly important to have full control of the availability of groundwater resources. With continuous monitoring of the level you can make better predictions of the availability of this precious resource, what causes shifts in water levels and what you can do to reduce the risk of depletion.

The Problem

In a situation where groundwater levels in many reservoirs are lower than usual it is critical for utilities to receive more data of their groundwater levels.

Many of these sites are inaccessible and the possibilities to make use of wireless communication with sufficient battery and radio capacity has previously been limited.

Still in many places groundwater-levels are measured manually by technicians which takes plenty of time off their busy schedules, while utilities miss out on important information that can aid in the decision-making process.

How we solve it

Aqua Robur Technologies offers a “Plug & Play”-IoT solution that provides utilities with much more data to better manage their groundwater while giving technicians more time to focus on important problems and issues such as water leakage and pipe renewal. For utilities with groundwater resources spread out over larger areas, investing in groundwater monitoring pays of quickly. 

The solution includes scalable data management and the possibility to integrate with third-party software such as your SCADA-system or GIS-platform.

Each unit also functions a small weather-station that give you the air-temperature and air-pressure. This can be combined with rain-level data.

At any location

The modern and future proof Narrow-Band IoT enables you to monitor even the most remote locations for many years without maintenance.

Local weather station

Each device serves as its own weather station, providing air temperature and air pressure. The solution can be complemented with a rain gauge to measure precipitation.

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