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Energy Harvesters

No electricity. No fiber. No problem. Measure what you want, where you need it the most without compromising on performance.

With Aqua Robur Technologies energy harvesting technology you get high-performance wireless communication wherever you need it.

Make use of the local energy to get the best performance of your Fenix Hub sensor node. It gives you superior performance to your IoT solution in comparison with battery operated products.

Aqua Robur has been awarded several awards including the European Union’s Horizon Prize for this ingenious solution.

D100 Turbine

Designed to master the tough conditions of freshwater pipes, the D100 turbine is a trustable product to enable a high-performing IoT-value chain. The D100 turbine generates accessible electricity from the flows in water pipes with minimum pressure loss. This allows you to install flow-meters, pressure sensors, etc. where you need them and not only where there is access to electricity. This allow you to create the optimal district metered areas (DMAs) for locating leakages faster. The solution can also significantly lower your installation costs compared to traditional solutions that rely on electricity from the power grid.

You can install it in any pipe dimension larger than DN100. Combine it with an installation concept of choice, listed in the peripheral section. 


Power output

0-5 W
Intelligent adaptive charge algorithm

Flow indication

Yes, Pulse


Operating interval, water velocity

0,2-2,0 m/s Note! Varies for specific pipe dimensions, for exact value, download the design guideline at

Operating water temperature

0o C to +25o C

Pressure rating



Electroplated stainless steel, POM,  ceramic bearings

Pressure drop

0-0,13 bar

Pipe dimension


Intelligent harvesting

Automated charging algorithm

Minimal pressure drop 

0-0,13 bar


Clever design with few moving parts