Botkyrka Municipality Tackles Infiltration and Inflow Water Challenges

Facing the challenges of aging infrastructure and increasing water volumes, Botkyrka municipality in Stockholm is taking proactive measures in response to evolving conditions. The municipality is investing in advanced monitoring technologies, including the investigation of inflow and infiltrating water sources. This data-driven approach will enable Botkyrka to efficiently allocate resources and maximise benefits for its residents.

Traditionally, resident complaints served as the primary signal for water network issues. However, Botkyrka now aims to implement a more preemptive strategy to predict and prevent potential problems. 

Ali Luay, a water engineer at Botkyrka municipality, underscores the significance of resource optimisation, particularly given budget constraints. By investing in modern monitoring solutions, Botkyrka aims to leverage data insights to make informed decisions, ensuring optimal utilisation of resources for the community’s welfare. 

“This allows us to make informed prioritisations and allocate funds where they yield the highest returns. Maximising the utility of the municipality’s water fee is paramount.”

Through continuous data monitoring and analysis, Botkyrka is poised to identify trouble areas and make strategic decisions to fortify its infrastructure. The ultimate objective is to create a resilient water network that minimises water inflow and infiltration, streamlining future actions. With an efficient installation process and comprehensive data collection, Botkyrka is steadfast in its commitment to advancing stormwater management. 

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