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Award-winning IoT solutions for your water networks

Take control of your water network with the powerful Fenix Hub technology. We help you collect data – from all parts of your water network so that you can take better decisions and fix small problems before grow into big problems.

How it works
How it works

Why Aqua Robur

With water in mind

It should be easy to collect, analyze & act upon data from water networks. This is how we designed our Fenix Hub IoT solution. 

Aqua Robur Technologies designs and manufactures IoT devices with build-in energy harvesting and software solutions. 

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Water distribution

Collect real-time data to accurately track expensive water losses and enable optimization of your water network.


Safeguard your precious groundwater resources with easy-to-use, plug-and-play technology, while reducing the workload of your technicians.


Flexible monitoring of sewer discharge and infiltration. Quick "Plug & Play-installation".


Collect valuable data with our flexible and user-friendly IoT solutions, either using our complete solution, or fitting it seamlessly with your current information system, providing you with actionable insight to any device in real-time.

The award-winning Solution.

Our core product – The Fenix Hub – has won several awards for its unique, market-changing ingenuity, among them the EU Horizon 2020 Prize for its potential to help solve one of the key challenges of our time which is helping to reduce the wasting of precious water resources.

The hardware

Collecting data has never been easier. The Fenix Hub is a sensor node with world-class flexibility. It allows you to connect a wide variety of external sensors and it comes with multiple powering options such as the D100 energy harvester.

Manage the IoT-data your way

You decide how you want to manage your IoT data. Visualise & analyse data at Aqua Robur’s IoT Portal and/or integrate with your current systems for monitoring or decision-support platforms. 

The connectivity

The Fenix Hub uses efficient & secure Narrow-Band IoT or LTE-M protocols which enables you to make installations anywhere, even underground, without expensive adaptation.

From concept to execution

We provide you with more value for every installation, from the first idea to the completed installation.

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What you get

Why use Aqua Robur's Fenix Hub?

The Fenix Hub enables you to do more with less. With quick and cost-efficient installations you can easily get the data you need to effectively manage your assets. This allow you to save valuable time and get information on where you should focus your efforts and resources for maximum effect.

Be Proactive

More data allow you to prevent small problems from becoming big problems by detecting potential issues at an early stage.

Prevent stops

Secure the continuity of your processes by getting early alarms.

Reduce costs

Data that helps you find small leakages and reducing infiltration water can help you reduce your cost of production and treatment.

Make better decisions

Use data to make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes that models cannot predict.

Protect your assets

Learn more about the status of your valuable assets by adding real data to your models.

Save time

Reduce the workload of technicians and free-up valuable time.

Are you ready to take your system to the next level?

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